"My beloved stage wardrobe was always displayed on a rack separate from my closet. As my special fashion gems grew into a style mix all its own, music industry friends encouraged me to start my own style branding business.


For years I supported myself as a display artist and merchandising manager while balancing a touring and music recording career. that led to collaborating with challenged retail owners who utilized my unique eye for redesigning outdated retail spaces for a current, magazine -ready appeal. My niche was found;to equally showcase brick & Mortar with online store presence. 


I've inherited a life long passion for creating eye catching, authentic, marketable brands from fashion retailers to rock stars. I believe you must first be fascinated by the story behind the lens.

I aim for Closet Rock to be an ongoing influence in modern pop culture".


"Everyone dreams of looking and living like a rock star which must involve a seriously stylish brand".


founder, creative director, stylist