About Closet Rock

" My beloved stage fashions were always kept separate from my closet. As my special wardrobe grew into a style all its own, it became a conversation piece among industry friends who later encouraged me to start my own style branding business.

I've inherited a life long passion for creating eye catching, marketable brands for challenged retail owners and professional artists While incorporating my eye for edgy, bohemian couture;the inspiration behind the Closet Rock style I call Boho rock.


Today, artists & entrepreneurs rely on self-promotion among keeping up with the challenging trends and social media popularity.  Through my travels as a music artist and merchandise stylist, I've learned the value and importance of staying competitive & digitally savvy even with the past 2 decades of drastic industry changes.

I see up-cycled fashion as a brilliant tool in the entertainment industry. it adds historic flair to a character or brand whether it's from venice Beach or Venice, Italy. There's a lot of psychology involved in my work. I love seeing people blossom and turn both our visions into reality".


"i aim for closet rock to be 

an ongoing influence in modern pop culture".



"Everyone dreams of living and looking like a rock star which involves a seriously stylish brand- representing the infinite essence of you ".
-Lisa Battle


 Closet Rock

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Creating compelling and recognizable brand presence while encouraging artists and fashion retailers to inspire and motivate creativity.