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"My beloved stage wardrobe was always displayed separate from my everyday closet. As the special and valuable pieces grew into a style all its own, they became a popular topic of conversation among music industry friends who later encouraged me to start my own style branding business.

to support myself in addition to my music recording and touring career I worked as a display artist and shop manager. challenged retail owners began to utilize my expertise for equally showcasing their existing brick & Mortar brand with a new online store. I suddenly had my own niche which led to designing and re-branding websites to photo styling for interior designers, artists and musicians. 


I started the L Style Fashion blog after I was fired by a silicon valley billionaire. (true story- details another time). it was a pivotal moment that led to many open doors with which I am eternally grateful. I realized that if i worked hard enough, I could actually wear all the hats I love. So I set out to do just that.   


 I've inherited a life long passion for creating eye catching, authentic, marketable brands from fashion retailers to rock stars. 

in my work i often incorporate my own flair for theatrical Edwardian fashion and modern bohemian couture- the inspiration behind Closet rock and to be an ongoing influence in modern pop culture".

"Everyone dreams of looking and living like a rock star which must involve a seriously stylish brand".



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