Music Artist.

Animal Rights advocate. 


Rocker with a cause.

"He ordered onion rings for dinner as I got a glimpse of his art on his ipad. We were at a band meeting in Berkeley. I was so intrigued by his beautifully twisted art, I  almost forgot why I was there in the first place.  

There was another layer I immediately tapped into, another creative existence-

a true artist. That's all I could see. You just know it because you feel it.

Plain as day. 

Music & Art
by Lisa Battle
Shine  Artist

Without a doubt David and the camera are in a lifelong relationship.

He said, " You will see a lot of angst at my shows, a lot of pain".  

Given my relevant background and living with artists all my life, it is apparent that David's music and stage persona are a beautiful extension of his many talents.


He his completely mindful of his expressive, digital paintings and portrays his lyrics on stage as if he were filming a movie of his life's vision. Though quiet off stage, David is a generous soul open to giving the key to whomever is curious".

David was the former lead singer of the popular San Francisco based, original Rock & Roll band- The Death Valley Gypsies. 


Their nostalgic 70's boho-glam rock vibe complete with show models has been kicking ass on stages from south coast to Sac. Check out their shows. It can get extreme.

Contributing Photography: Renee Jah, Nathan Phillips

"( VEGAN serving earth and animals )

No politicians, no religion. There is no higher doctrine than the truth. No communist left siders please. I'm sick of it". -David Orion

David is a member of the

Vegans Choice Motorcycle Club.  

A portion of artwork on this Closet Rock Shine Exclusive is David's graphic art design. Contact David for interest in his art: