by Lisa Battle

Immediately accepting the gig as front guitarist of Cruella on her Birthday 2015, Yuka's Japan roots and American influences of rock, blues & fusion, have morphed into a beautifully talented brand. And, not surprised- the Cruella band members create their own edgy stage wardrobe without a stylist in sight.


"After moving to the USA... my English wasn't good enough to be in a band. Nobody returned my calls. At that time there was no social media. I had to connect to people with phone calls."- Yuka 

Shine artist

Yuka: (ゆか, ユカ)

scent of freedom

Yuka heard Deep Purple on the radio for the first time and Rock & Roll arose and never looked back. Her sophisticated band, "Power of Geisha" (POG) may still have wing power given her other bandmates' relocation back to Japan yet with all new original music in the works, her SF Bay Area roots have been firmly planted. 


When an artist says, " I don't talk about my health, my personal life"'s only natural to be curious. Respectfully not going there but between the notes you can clearly feel Yuka's passion for living, for music, her journey and her extraordinary dedication.  

Contributing photographers: Gary Clark & Wyman Choy

 "You can shine if you make an effort, believe in yourself and your dreams".

- Yuka

Closet Rock: "If you could have the power to make the music industry a better place...what would you do?"


Yuka: "Change the media and get more attention to good music. It leads to more places to play and more young people are into music".

Music Artist & Crüella's guitar phenom