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Yuka Harrill

"I transform products and styles into a brand, a world that allows you to flourish and shine;capturing 

the human spirit with what's going on in the world right this moment". - lisa


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Closet Rock Fashions, Boutique  Redesign, guitarist Yuka Harrill, L.Designs, Sylt Artist, Salon Maddison Mill Valley,  retail shoes concept design, bassist-Fernando Torres, singer-Maria Muldaur, Chemical Wedding Ad display, salon interior photo shoot, Death Valley Gypsies Band, b.b. simon belt fashion, BackSpace Massage GG Bridge event. Sonoma Bath Works ad, Closet Rock ads.

"Whether you are an instant IG success, just created an innovative product or landed your first role in an upcoming movie, your global identity has arrived.

Make it REAL, unforgettably original while continuing to point your audience to the essence of who you are". -lisa

"If you are not doing what you love....

you are wasting your time".

- Billy Joel

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