I assist my clients with creating their own visual signature, enhance their digital presence  while incorporating my curated boho rock brand aesthetic. 

edgy edwardian. sexy. theatrical. rock and roll. Romantic. vintage couture. bohemian revival.

Boho Rock

as a long time music artist and creative director, i have come to know the do's & don'ts of the industry and why particular styles and personal brands remain successful. I truly enjoy working behind the scenes while helping other artists become future legends.


"Whether you are an IG influencer success, just created an innovative product or landed your first role in an upcoming movie, your global identity has arrived.

Make it REAL, unforgettably original while continuing to point your audience to the essence of who you are". 

Inquire for private styling, brand design services,

consultations & Digital Critique

client list upon request.
For beauty. For stage.
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