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With a recent retail surge of new celebrity hair & beauty salons, most salon owners are not staying on point with their overall brand. But why? There is no middleman doing that job. The owners are booked solid with clients, their stylists use their own Instagram for promotion and keeping up with the interior aesthetic of their shop is seemingly the last thing on their mind. They are tired.

So I made an offer with a new salon owner. Without a website, social media interaction and curb appeal, the owner needed me. So I made her my first salon client/ project. I researched how salon owners work on a daily basis and what sets them apart. For starters...a beautiful, clutter-free front desk and a visually rockin' product wall and online presence. 

Solo Artist Design

Brand Management

In today's music era, artists are their own self-promotion machines. But they get to the point where they have absolutely no time to sell their music or build their digital audience throughout social media platforms. Scrolling thru Instagram & YouTube marketing tutorials seems like taking on the task of learning the latest version of  PhotoShop in 2 days. 

I look at the upside. Musicians live to simply do what they love 24/7. They are a different breed of art and they always will be. I enhance their artistic nature on a larger scale and tap into their end game quickly. With Brian, I simplified his entire   online presence with a less is more approach; focusing on additional talents he had hidden away from what I believe could gain a second career.    

Artist Marketing

With today's thriving digital canvas world, working as a professional music & stage artist is an entirely different scene from a decade ago. Balance with stage & e-commerce is everything. And without an assistant or stylist, until your original 2,000 seat house concert is booked, you are a self -promoted machine. The Death Valley Gypsies came to me because they were in that "In Between" stage. They had music that rocks, a recognizable -vintage 70's hipster style and each band member -their own individual rock star status. The name alone was cool. So I designed and manage their website. They now have fans in Europe who haven't even seen one of their shows.  


Display Design

Visual Merchandising

My first retail job was in the 80's at Cost Plus Imports. I displayed their latest shipment of Laurel Burch Jewelry & Accessories while bored one night at work. I created a scene- in a good way. After meeting with Laurel herself, Cost Plus buyers took notice of my branding eye which led me to work as a freelance merchandiser for several popular California boutiques and global retailers including

Nordstrom, Williams- Sonoma, Macy's West, Estee Lauder Inc. as well as several wineries and upscale recycled fashion boutiques.

Artist Bio Design

Putting it Together

When I saw Yuka's latest photo gallery come thru my feed, I immediately was taken by her expressive stage style. Photographer Wyman Choy really captured her in the perfect light. She had edge, attitude and femininity all wrapped into one. I jumped right in and started putting together a brief bio for Closet Rock about her life before she moved to the States.

Yuka's fans began to contact me which wasn't the goal- it was her compelling journey that people were thirsty for and perhaps why someday Simon & Schuster may come knockin'.     

Music Band Web Design

Latin Revue Band

Not often do I get carte blanche with design. This was all about color, energy and visually capturing the Trop-Pop music sound of Miami meets Vegas. Given this band collectively has had years of success, my work with this premier event band was to create a unique illusion for their debut and continual online presence. 


Fashion Sourcing

Hollywood Thrift

My passion for wardrobe sourcing started in high school while landing roles in stage musicals then onto local theatre productions. I happened to focus on the entire cast of characters and what made each role come to life. Watching old Hollywood movies with my Mom- a walking book of knowledge when it comes to film stars and their lives helped a lot. And I think searching in local theatre costume houses for a particular fashion era was where my own "Wow" factor was born.


In the 70's I had a friend from the UK. Her Mom worked next to a thrift store near Venice Beach, CA. Our favorite thing was to visit that place after school and dress up like movie stars-scarves, hats, leather jackets, beaded dresses, gloves- the whole entire garb. 

I cherish those moments and use them as inspiration in my work today. Finding that diamond under a heap of trash. It's like that. 

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