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bios and critique by Closet Rock.
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your old chuck taylor's just got  a makeover. ig embroidery artist "no naked denim" is making headlines.  


This season's designer extraordinaire is an alluring mix of L.A. Rock and parisian pop sophistication. love it all. 

Kinda grungy, kinda street punk, kinda badass. This designer is the true essence of today's rebel power fashion.  


The iconic Australian fashion brand stays true to its original vision with Sisters Nicky and Simone ZIMMERMANN.

Doris Raymond

The beloved L.A. vintage maven and star of Smithsonian's style-centric docu-series, "LA Frock Stars".

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Art by SyIT

Discover The Montreal Artist and his passion for nature's femininity.

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the Death Valley Gypsies

Original San Francisco Rock & Roll never sounded so good.  learn why their brand is unearthing the gypsy in all of us.


"Story Vases" by artist, lisa battle. Turning your stories into art.

Kirsty Mitchell

the world renown stylist/ photographer who dedicates her work from her mother's love of books. 

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Yuka Harrill

Bi-World Guitarist rises to bay area fame by never giving up.

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